Princess Mania

She’s absolutely obsessed with being a princess right now.  Even her birthday wish was “to be a princess”.  In retrospect, there are advantages like she never complains when I want her to wear a dress, does not get herself dirty, arranges her toys and things properly, graceful, polite, and generally behaves like a lady.  The downside is she’s a little OC when it comes to her things (that sometimes extends to arranging boxes in the grocery) and wants to wear dresses or gowns all the freaking time!  When she’s at home she has a uniform — pink shirt, pink tutu, and crown.  Just last weekend she cried because I didn’t want her to wear a gown.  We were just going to the mall for heaven’s sake!  We compromised over a frilly tunic (eye roll) and pants.  I just make sure I win most of the time; otherwise this thing will really get overboard.  
Princess dress up


One thought on “Princess Mania

  1. Haha She is such a darling! Personally I have no objections on little girls dressing up to be princesses. Why when I was her age, I wanted to be a superhero! And yes, I was not also allowed to go out wearing a cape and my underwear outside my pants.


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