Manila Bay Dinner

November 1, 2012 meant a lot of things for us.  It was All Saints Day where we were supposed to go to Tayabas to spend the afternoon in the cemetery but it was the day when Nanay, Tatay, and Ryan left for the U.S. so we were not able to go to the province.  This was also the day when we tried something new.  We went and experienced a Manila Bay tour and dinner at eight in the evening.  I got to try the Bay cruise in Singapore, in Melaka, and the floating market in Bangkok. Manila bay was not that spectacular but what made it memorable is that we were there as a family.  The highlights are the colorful lights along the Mall of Asia bay walk, the full moon, the breeze, the service, and the lechon kawali.  

Cruise pictures with the Mall of Asia bay walk lights.

We went to Starbucks after the cruise to drink coffee and water for Iya.  She also grabbed an overpriced lollipop on the counter.  Darn!

Water anyone?  Iya loves Starbucks because of the small cups.

Maasim na lollipop for dessert 😉


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