My Happy 34th!

Another year has passed and normally I hyperventilate (as crazy people normally do) but Henry and Iya made sure I had a very special day.  Henry was very patient and gave me a shopping spree pass that lasted from morning until the afternoon.  We ate lunch in my favorite pasta and pizza place and then ate ice cream for dessert at DQ.  Unfortunately Iya was not with us because she has class until 2 pm.  When I got home, she handed me the cutest birthday card which I did not expect.  She has been singing happy birthday since the night before my birthday.  Little girls are without a doubt the sweetest creatures ever created. 
My birthday card from Iya.  She wrote this herself with her yaya telling her the letters of her message.  She used yellow crayons because she knows I love yellow and decorated it with her lovely party stickers.  The paper wrapping above is also her gift.  It’s a puzzle she got from one of her toys.
We then went out to eat buffet in Trader’s hotel, Roxas Avenue in front of CCP.  The food was delicious and the place was nice.  Iya as usual went to the fruits section and got her Tatay’s salad.  She ordered fresh orange juice (walang kamatayang orange juice) while Henry and I helped ourselves with whatever, and I mean whatever, is there.  Oddly, I enjoyed the assorted cheese and wheat biscuits, the grilled clams with melted cheese, and the desserts!  Just writing about it makes me hungry all over again..
Our table specifically Iya’s healthy plate.  Yum!! 

The hotel already had their Christmas decorations up so we just took advantage of this 🙂

Across the street, CCP also lights the night with our very own Pinoy Christmas Stars/ Parol.  And may I say it’s tastefully designed and executed.
My birthday song 🙂

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