Weekend Thing

After Sunday Mass, we went to the Mall of Asia to look at the Nido Science and Discovery Center and the Robot Zoo.  The Planetarium show starts at 4 pm so we stayed in the Robot Zoo for a long time.  Some displays are not that good because they have limited movements but some like the chameleon and the games are educational.  The descriptions are wordy and honestly I did not read them.  I simply ran my gaze along the walls for bits of information that I forgot already.  Among the robots, my favorite was the chameleon.  You can control the tongue, both eyes, body, head, and the color.  This best demonstrates how children (and myself) learn then retain the information.  For example, I learned that the chameleon can focus its two eyes separately as shown by the controls.  How great is that? One eye can be industrious and search for something to eat and the other can just be lazy and do nothing at all.
Robot zoo.  The description has drawings so it’s a little better than most.

The rhino, the platypus, the fly, and the chameleon with controls

We played with the jet propelled squid race. 
 Here are some of the other games.  The bat echolocation device, which tells you the position of the targets based on sound, and the moving chameleon head with two monitors showing what each eye sees.  And.. Chameleon Iya!

They have a coloring and mini library area where I read “Ang munting uod” for her.

This is taken inside the dome type screen where we watched the Wonders of the Universe.  It discusses the big bang theory, galaxies with our milky way, birth of stars, death of stars, and the solar system.  All these are just general information but it’s as if you are really there.  This is better than volunteering to explain it myself.  The film is about 20 minutes which I think is a good length for kids because anything longer will cause information overload.   We should watch another one soon.


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