Prelude to Christmas

Every November I always say that I will not be bothered to put up our little Christmas tree.  Every December I eat my words and put it up any way.  We do not have a particular theme or change the decor every year.  I like to think that this is our charm tree because of its history.  I had these orange and blue Christmas balls when Henry and I got married, the little drums and Santas from the OCA Christmas party last year, the hamburger and coffee I got with my mom when we ate at McDonalds while we were shopping for gifts, and the letters A and J that my tita gave us when Iya was born.  I also bought a little tree for Iya last year when she was still three years old.  This year I had fun hanging the balls because I had company complete with background music.  After we finished we were laughing because I said if ever there is an award for the ugliest tree owned and decorated by an architect, I will win!  But of course regardless of what it looks like this is still OUR tree.
My decorator and singer.
The finished product

First batch of gifts I rushed in time for our Christmas party.  I love gift wrapping and experimenting with all sorts of things.  I hope the ribbons and tags make up for my craft paper wrapper.

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