Christmas 2012

We celebrated our family pre-Christmas lunch in our Tatay Bing’s house in the farm.  This is also Iya’s first time to play around under the trees and get all muddy.  The weather was unpredictable but that did not stop us from talking and laughing and being noisy.  Luckily the closest neighbors are fields away!

Outdoor dining with the family

My cool aunts and uncles, my pretty and handsome cousins, and my cute nephews and nieces.  We also made sulbot for dessert.  It’s dizzyingly sweet but for the Flores’ it still needs more sugar.
Iya and her cousin Dylan playing on the hammock.   They tumbled on the mud after this picture!
her face after her fall hahaha!
Posing with nature

We waited for Christmas Eve so we can open our gifts.  I bought Ikea toys and some were given by Ninang Jin and Tita Doyce for Iya when she was still a year old.  I just waited for her to reach four years old before giving these.  I think I’m more excited to play with them and I’m thinking of inviting her friends over to tea!

Christmas Eve.  She was so excited to play with her cheap “Make-up” gift! I bought that from a neighborhood toy store for less than 200. 
Opening one of our gifts

I just want to take a picture of Diane’s Christmas wrappings.  It’s so festive!  I love the contents as well.
The princess with her princess dolls given by Uncle and Ninong Marty
Her favorite bag and fairy wings given by Tito Omar


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