Tea Party Saturday

I insisted to watch Life of Pi on a Saturday after Iya’s ballet lessons.  The book is absolutely amazing by the way, and the movie is sort of good too.  It’s a typical girl’s day out with Diane and Mar and after the movies we treated ourselves with cupcakes from the Vanilla Cupcake Bakery.  We all wanted to try if it’s really as tasty as they say it is. 
The ambiance, the furniture, and the tableware are simply adorable.  It’s perfect for a fancy tea party to match their girly customers.  We ordered the Vanilla cupcake (blue), the strawberry oreo, the oreo cheesecake, the sea salt caramel and walnuts, red velvet, and tea.  I was disappointed because it was not that spectacular and was too sweet for my taste.  The Cupcake Lab in Podium tastes better.  Iya became our hostess and poured us tea.  She insisted on using the big cup that was supposed to be for Mar.  Then we practiced our English accent and as we all know it is a must in every tea party. 
Our hostess Iya pouring Ninang Diane tea
Iya, her Strawberry Oreo and her big cup.  I love it that Iya is now old enough to enjoy things like this.

The ladies out for tea

This fun afternoon break got us thinking to visit other cupcake/ dessert places. Mar suggested we go to Stacy’s before trying out the cupcakes in Bonifacio High Street or Rockwell.  More yummy desserts to come!


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