Dinner in Cafe Juanita

We had a harem dinner in Cafe Juanita.  It was our first time to go to their branch in Pasig which is the original restaurant and the most ornate.  It was decorations overload done in an intriguingly tasteful way.  Probably because the pieces are detailed and well executed so you take time to look at each one.  There are some things that remind you of a memory probably during your travels that in a way this is a trip to analyzing your own mindfulness.  I had fun taking pictures because there is not one nook bare and you can discover alternative ways to display your collections. 
Nanay’s brother and sisters, Marty, Ryan, Nanay and Tatay (KJ talaga si tatay kapag picture taking!)

We had a feast of meat, fish, and vegetables chosen by Marty and Ryan, our hosts for the night. I also love the sticky toffee pudding and coffee at the end the of the meal (a dessert is always a must!). I always forget to take food pictures because my first instinct when food arrives is to eat it. I honestly can not be a food blogger.

The decor and ambiance

Nanay and Mommy Cora, our table, and Iya posing everywhere.

Was originally taking a photo of the upside down umbrella but with Uncle the photo looks infinitely better.

Ninong Marty and Uncle Ryan with Iya


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