Cleanup and Playtime

I woke up not feeling well but I did finish some work early in the morning, made breakfast involving food in the microwave, and planned to tackle organizing Iya’s toys. She has four boxes overflowing with her favorite things that she accumulated over the years.  I planned to store or give away some of it so she can get new toys from the storage area.  Our place is really small so I have to be selective with what we keep.  I even have this “September clean up” before her birthday and Christmas to provide a space for her gifts so I will not be overwhelmed.  The only problem is I can’t really give away everything she has outgrown because I always think about the “what ifs” of having another baby.  So until that is finalized I would have to settle with a moderate mess…
I started with her drawers where she keeps her everyday stuff.  She would not let go of her toys or the cupcake boxes or the bottles of mineral water! So for the whole day she played with all of it while I try to organize it into groups.  Well actually continuous organizing is not 100% true… I played with her toys in between cleaning up so I can test if it really works.  When I was storing some of her toys on top of my closet she saw something she really liked that made her swap her Ikea cooking pans.  It was the Filipino cooking set version that I bought in the grocery.  She said she wanted it because she can be like ate Bebeng “na nagluluto ng bigas”. 
Eventually the rug was cleared before dinner while Iya squealed and then admitted that…
Iya:  Si nanay puro tulog, tulog, tulog! (to which I strongly disagree)
Me:  E ikaw?
Iya:  Ako puro laro, laro, laro!

The mess at the start of the day

I played with Iya’s rabbit jackstones while taking a break.  It was still as relaxing as I remembered.

Iya prepared a hamburger for me then she made herself a salad demonstrating our eating habits. She did not even ask me what I wanted. 

I love this set.  My heart skipped when I saw this in the grocery.  I bought this when she was just a year old (I know, I know, i’m so excited).  The manufacturer made a miniature version of its products and these are actually made of the same materials as the real ones. 
Here’s the scale of the toys.  I was not supposed to bring these down yet but when she saw the set, she pestered me continuously until eventually I gave in.  She said in her most desperate voice.. she needs this because she has to cook rice using the “saingan”.
I bought a fake lego construction set in 168.  This is one of the tractors from the set.  I think this is only 42 pesos and it closely matches the road scale of her rug.  
She parked the Ferarri in her castle.
A full view of the rug.  I’ve been meaning to buy this, thanks ate Mel.  Which reminds me.. I still have to pay you through Papa Peter teehee!

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