Someone once told me that “too much housework” should never be an excuse for not being able to teach your child. I think it was mentioned in passing by my nanay Lita who was a teacher. She said that you can always quiz your little one while washing clothes or when sweeping the floor. I just nodded my head because it was something I could not relate to back then. Housework has always been a time for internalization, at least for me. It was a way to schedule my day or what my goals will be for the week.  Until it presented itself as a demonstration of a mother’s ability to multitask ever since Iya started school. It became a necessity when her yaya went away and I was doing the housework. Where cleaning, fixing Iya’s toys (which mainly involves braiding her Barbie’s hair), and supervising her homework are everyday occurrences.  I even remember there was a time when I was hand washing our laundry using her bathtub and asking about numbers because she has a quiz the following day. It really could be and should be done otherwise I would have a very messy house or unfinished schoolwork.  For someone as absentminded as me, I was surprised when her teacher told my mother last week that she does not need to stay after school because she’s finished with her homework.  I felt relieved that I’m doing something right even for such a trivial matter.  

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