We spent our Saturday evening watching the 4th International Pyrotechnics Competition in the Mall of Asia.  The competing countries for the first day are Japan and Finland where Finland emerged as the better one.  The whole street was filled with people and their cameras and their tripods.  It was my first time to watch so I had no expectations.  The fireworks were really spectacular with different shapes and effects.  Among these, I remembered two special ones.  One was the fireworks with individual parachutes so the pieces fall slowly leaving trails of light.  These look like tears across the night sky.  Another type was the climbing fireworks.  It was simple but it warrants attention because of its unusual behavior that counter’s gravity.  
But enough with the geeky stuff, Iya had fun taking pictures of her yaya and her lola while waiting.  She even knows how to take a picture of herself? Where did she learn that?
We had dinner in UCC but we ordered budget meals so I can get cake.  We just ordered their Filipino All-Day-Breakfast and Katsu Rice for Iya then the Coffee Toblerone Mousse or something like that.  It was heavenly! Iya got a strawberry cream shake just because it’s pink.  A weird reason but she said it was because her eyes sparkle whenever she sees something pink.  Sige na nga…
We went home afterwards and got the chance to get our picture taken with the giant globe advertisement seen from the bridge.  Last Halloween was the best because it was a giant pumpkin.  Now it’s butterflies and birds, probably because it’s spring.  
I’m planning for us to watch again but I would like to watch it while eating dinner in one of the restaurants in the second floor.  I think the view is better and we can eat while we watch…definitely better.
Firework’s show and pictures while waiting

Globe advertisement and Lola waiting to take a picture of the butterflies display screen

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