Instagram Updates

Instagram continues to provide an easy update on our lives.  It has an instant share feature to facebook so I can just click and share without opening my account.  It also works for me because I don’t like uploading tons of photos.  I like to keep things mysterious that way OR I’m just lazy 🙂  So here’s some of the things we have been up to…

Lego collectibles from Shell.  Diane told me about this so I did collect lego Ferrari cars from November to December.  I would not pass up the chance to get these for 180 pesos when one figure alone costs 250 in Build City. These are so cute! and very detailed.  The cars even have pull back action which is similar to collectible metal cars.  What a deal!

This photo was taken in balikbayan handicrafts along Macapagal Avenue.  Nanay was looking for arnis sticks and to give to my cousin and a baston or walking stick for my uncle.  We had time to look around the shop and we came across this little bench.  She wanted to sit here the whole time and for me to take a picture.  It’s fine with me because I also wanted the suitcase boxes from Regalong Pambahay. So that I will remember.

These are our mangoes.. Mine and Iya’s

I blogged about our tea party Saturday.  Here’s Iya with her big tea cup!

Since I do not have a yaya, I was the one dropping her off and picking her up in school if Nanay is unavailable.  I wanted to try this quaint coffee shop and I got the chance.  After I went grocery shopping we had merienda.  We ordered chocolate cake, cappucino, and vanilla frappe.  It was not as delicious as the more popular coffee place but it was acceptable.  I also had fun having my break with Iya.

Before my cousin Phoebe’s birthday party she wanted to try on her gown to wear at the after party (sosyal may ganon?) so I humored her.  I asked her to pose like a princess wearing her tangled gown from Ninang Rouselle.

This was taken after the Cirque du Soleil circus where I… ahem… And I was unable to post this picture because of many reasons.  But I love the show! Iya was wearing a Desigual Dress from Ninong Marty.  Desigual is one of the official merchandisers of Cirque du Soleil and their designs are as quirky and colorful.

One night she was looking at my book locket and she said she would make me a flower so I can put it inside.  So the first three flowers are for my book locket.  I got a bonus drawing at the bottom.  She said the princess picked the flower then removed the stem because she just loves the flower.  She even drew little arrows to show the succession. Her doodles are the cutest thing!

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