Clean Up Part2

I never thought I have OC tendencies like my mother or my brother but when I saw Iya made a mess in our room I flipped! You can see her toys everywhere and I mean everywhere.  There were toys on the bed, my table, the floor, the computer desk.. Normally she would clean it up but if she took out most of her toys from the box she gets overwhelmed and do not know how to put it back.  So I had my way of disciplining her to make her realize that she should not do that (not spanking promise).  And I bought her baskets to put inside her box so she could get a set of toys one at a time.  I forgot to take a before picture but you can imagine that all these are just jumbled inside the box. I just hope she can maintain it for the rest of the year.

Here are the pictures from the top drawer, the bottom drawer, and the baskets on the toy boxes.  I bought the plastic boxes in Plastic City for 25 pesos each.  Luckily these fit! I was planning on buying another drawer layer but this size was all sold out! I was not able to measure the insides so this was just a hope-to-God-it-fits type of analysis.

I categorized it in to groups that she takes out most of the time so she can get the whole basket then return after playing with them

I put the most frequent toys on top of the drawers such as her princesses, her barbies, and her kitchen pots and pans.

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