Remembering old toys

I love board games and toys.  I was part of the old school batch before the age of computer games and network gaming.  We play physical toys that we manipulate with our hands.  I remember playing monopoly and cluedo with my brother and our cousins whenever we were finished with running around the house.  In monopoly, I would prefer to buy all the railroads and the utilities over the properties.  I seldom win though.. I’m not that good in real estate but I was the super sleuth in cluedo.  I would attribute this to being the eldest so I guess it was because my opponents were not that sneaky.  There were other games like jack stones and pick up sticks, connect four, and perfection that we also play with.  Perfection was challenging for me because the pieces pops up when I wasn’t able to complete the pieces within a minute. This is probably not advisable for people with OCD.  I remember practicing forever just to get it right.
Last week while I was searching for my documents, I saw most of these games in it’s keychain or miniature edition.  I bought these when I was still in college to remind me of what we played with back then.  And maybe get a chance to teach Iya and my other cousins (who belong to the computer age) how to play these on holy week.


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