Demonstration class

I attended Iya’s demonstration class earlier this year.   Given that she only started this school year, I learn about their activities as they happen.  From the word “demonstration” I was thinking it was a marketing tool to get more enrollees from our visitors.  I did not bring any visitor since I do not know if it’s a waste of time.  If I knew what would happen I should have asked my church mate ate Annabel to watch.  She’s trying to find a school for her baby and this would have helped her assess the school.  Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take pictures so I’ll try describing it from what I remember.
We were there on time but because I was fiddling with my phone I was the last one to enter the school and therefore got to sit in the back row! The principal and her cute teacher Gelen made the welcome remarks and explained what they will be doing.   The students were seated with their desks facing the parents and visitors to demonstrate how they do their sensorial and practical life activities in class.  From what I gather, the sensorial materials help children relate objects using their senses according to the material’s shape and size.  When their name was called, they get the mat from the supplies, lay this on the table, get the materials from the shelf, put this on the table and then start working.  Iya demonstrated the green knobless cylinders which she arranged according to the size and thickness of the blocks. Then she also did a variation by making a tower from the flattest block to the thickest block.  Other students demonstrated the varying sizes and the puzzles to the enjoyment of the parents.  I think most of the parents were even more stressed out than the students. 

After the sensorial activities, the teacher asked them to perform the practical life activities.  These are household chores such as sweeping the floor, pouring water, transferring rice from one bowl to another, segregating the beans by size, folding hankies and towels, arranging tableware for eating, buttoning (demonstrated by Iya), and cutting and glueing.  They all looked so cute! I enjoyed learning what other things I can let Iya do.  So now I know why she insists on getting the broom and saying she can sweep the floor all by herself!  Her teacher said that we should encourage them to do things that are a notch higher than what we expect but with supervision.  I think this is because we want to let them experience an atmosphere of growth and experimentation.

When the last one finished her cut and glue, Iya and two of her other classmates were asked to perform a special exhibition on the knobbed cylinders.  These are made up of different sizes of wood cylinders with knobs as handle.  These are to be inserted in a big block of wood like puzzles.  They each have their own blocks to solve while all the pieces from the three blocks were jumbled together in front of them.  Sounds easy? But no! There is a twist!  They have to do it blindfolded! Parang circus to ah! Iya kept on sneaking a peek to check if what she did was right! madaya! and we all laughed about it when they finished the exercise.

While the three girls were doing their exhibition, the others started to prepare the table for sandwich making.  They take turns in preparing a sandwich while wearing their aprons and headpieces in groups of four.  They take out a sandwich slice, put cheesewiz using the butter-knife, wrap the sandwich with the table napkin then give their sandwich to one of their parents.  I finished the sandwich Iya prepared for me to show her I appreciate her efforts, besides it was nearing lunch time so it was a satisfying snack.

Honestly speaking, I had very low expectations when I came because I thought this was just a marketing tool.  But regardless what their intentions were, I really enjoyed watching the demo.  I was able to witness their activities and know that she is able to perform more than I hoped for in Nursery.  I was just expecting she learns her ABCs and numbers but the school gave me more by teaching her how to be independent and also by making her part of a team.


The pictures I got from the official photographer after writing this post…

the green knobless cylinder tower
Iya and my snack 🙂 

The exhibition with the knobbed cylinders

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