A little bit of reading

When I had a little free time last week, I read Matilda by Roald Dahl who is also the author of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”.  It was about a little girl who loves to read and how her naughtiness provided comic relief throughout the book.  She was so endearing that I finished this in an afternoon.  The first few paragraphs of the book made me laugh.

It’s a funny thing about mothers and fathers.  Even when their own child is the most disgusting little blister you could ever imagine, they still think that he or she is wonderful.

Some parents go further.  They become so blinded by adoration they manage to convince themselves their child has qualities of genius.

Well, there is nothing very wrong with all this.  It’s the way of the world.  It is only when the parents begin telling us about the brilliance of their own revolting offspring, that we start shouting, ‘Bring us a basin! We’re going to be sick!’ (from Matilda by Roald Dahl)
I was nodding and saying “true, true.” in my mind but this adoration is really the way of the world.  That’s why I made this blog to remind me of the memories without being revolting to my other friends in social media.  Having a baby is like having a muse.  She inspires me to write and try to be a better person and to wake up in the middle of the night so she can go to the toilet.
Oh, and I also read The Witches also by the same author that same day.  I love the movie when I was a child and I love the book even more. It’s about a little boy who lives with her grandmother.  He accidentally discovered that the witches of England were having their annual meeting in the same hotel while they were on vacation.  He also learned of their plan how to get rid of all the children by transforming them into mice.  But before he can get away, he was captured and turned into a mouse as an example.  He then formulated a plan with his grandmother to stop it from happening. 


I found it sad to have missed out on Roald Dahl’s writing and those of other famous authors of children’s literature.  I was busy reading on Sweet Valley Twins and Sweet Valley High when I was in grade school (di ba ate Rouselle?).  But it’s not too late to enjoy reading these type of books now and to say that I’m a fan.  Eventually I’ll move on to the higher calling of censoring then recommending books for Iya’s enjoyment in the near future. 

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