Wall art

Whenever I go home after work, she always show me the things she did during the day. Last night she kept on bugging me to paste her drawing of a princess on our bedroom wall. She wanted to be like princess twinkle in the book who has a picture drawing of herself. So with my trusty double sided tape the princess request was granted.


I forgot to describe her artwork and how these came to be… The abstract art was because she wanted to imitate my mother.  Lola was doing her abstract drawings on her sketchbook when Iya visited her in the province.  The asterisk-like drawings are fireworks.  That was probably inspired by the fireworks festival we went to earlier this March.  And the usual princess drawings and the flower because these are her favorite things. 

On a slightly different note, do you ever have a drawing of a bahay kubo in a landscape scene? The bahay kubo is just simple as a square with a door, a window in the front and sides shown by retractable awnings, then a triangle for a roof.  Completed with drawings of the sun, birds (represented by v-shaped lines), trees, and a plantation of palay.  Because this was one of my first drawings and also the one I repeat over and over again.  

For Iya, my bahay kubo is her princess drawings.  I still remember the time when she first drew this on her whiteboard and she has been drawing this since then.  I wonder if girls her age do the same because I honestly believe that I am not the only one with the bahay kubo drawing!

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