Getting sick

I know that getting sick is really part of growing up.  I am nonchalant about it because I know that it’s just something that happens and will go away after a few days.  I am somewhat of an expert when it comes to indifference.  Iya has always been a physically sensitive girl.  This was one of the reasons why I insisted on breastfeeding because she gets rashes with formula.  She always gets allergies whenever she ate something or touches something or breathe something.  Then she gets confined in the hospital almost every year so it’s something I am almost used to.  It was just last week when I got a little scared just right after she became well in the doctor’s clinic.
Last March, we admitted her one Saturday because her fever (39.8 deg. C) was not going down even when she’s taking antibiotics and Tempra every four hours.  They admitted her in the ER and did the tests.  Her dengue NS1 was negative so I was not really worried.  But even after admitting and giving her antibiotics, her fever was still high.  It took about 6 days of fever before they confirmed it to be dengue and she had regular CBCs every day.  It was torture to see them prick her finger every morning but you know that they need to do it.  We got out on a Wednesday and went for a checkup that Saturday.  The doctor told me their stories about dengue and the four strains. She said that she even had a case where the patient got better and was released from the ICU but had complications resulting to failure of the organs.  She said that the virus will go to the weakest organ such as the brain, kidneys, or lungs with lots of oxygen to survive.  So the cause of death will eventually be due to organ failure rather than the virus itself.  
I was palpitating so much and I felt guilty over my indifference. I swear.

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