When I looked into your eyes
And held your hands
I saw love amidst your cries
Trying to understand
How I can’t calculate how much,
how far, Or how deep,
The feelings to match
I just knew you’re mine to keep
I want to freeze time
to hoard these memories
Making the ordinary sublime
Everything to cherish
But I know you will soon grow up
And live life your way
Remember that ever since I had you
Every day is always the best day.
Allow me to be cheesy for a moment.  I never really expressed how strongly I feel about being a mother because I know that it’s a given.  It’s irritating to read about it in FB shout outs and mommy blogs every single time mothers talk about their kids.  I know they can’t really help it because I feel it too.  The emotions are so overwhelming (especially the first few months) that you have to release it somehow.  I hope this poem is not that irritating…
This post is originally published in Tea Talks as part of the NaPoWriMo challenge.

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