Princess Playdoh

Thank you to the princess stage because Iya got a new toy from her fairy godmother Rouselle!  It’s a pink castle with dismantling walls that when opened will turn your ordinary plain gown to a full skirt that you can customize using Playdoh.  The ball gown maker or something that we may also call the “ballgowninator” (borrowed from Doofenshmirtz) transforms the princesses wardrobe and makes a gold prince.  Of course Iya called dibs on her princess Aurora while I got Bell and Cinderella.  Each doll also has molds at the bottom that makes the little supporting characters.  Like for Aurora these are the squirrel and owl; Bell creates Lumiere, Mrs. Pots, and Chip; and Cinderella has her mice and bird friends.  It’s not that obvious that  I was the one playing with it the whole time, right?

As for the tower, the original princess up there is Rapunzel, then you put a yellow dough and press it with the tower roof.  She replaced it with a sleeping beauty sticker (her favorite) without me knowing.   


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