I am a little bothered that Iya has an aversion to reading by herself.  She would ask me to read to her but she doesn’t want to do it herself.  And even if I repeat the mechanics of how to read, she still does not get it.  I’m sort of worried because my friends tell me their son, daughter, or relatives started to read or sight read between ages 2-3.  And she’s already 4.  I just console myself the fact that she can’t choose not to read forever.  I doubt it if she’s 18 and still does not know how to.  (SOS to Uncle Ryan)
For now, she loves to sing, to dance, and do art.  These are her favorite things in the world.  She has this fascination with paper that I need to never run out of it.  She will get her crayons and scissors and make a mess in the room.  I am trying to get used to it.  As of moment, she is cutting and squiggling on her notepad.  She made this flower while I was washing the dishes and I was surprised.  It seems that I will get to enjoy more of this creative work while waiting for her to have an interest in reading.

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