Last weekend we attended the joint birthday celebration of my nephew (7th), niece (16th), and my Ninang Alice (65th) in Albergus. The dinner was delicious and it was nice to see my cousins.  Most of my relatives from my mother’s side of the family is connected or from the Military.  The best example is the birthday girl.  My ninang Alice’s father was a general, her brother was in the air force, her husband was in the army, and both her sons (my cousins) attended PMA.  Both her brother and husband belongs to the PMA class of 1967 so most of her guests are from that class.  I was busy looking after Iya in the kid’s section but I felt that belonging to a PMA class is a privilege.  It is the sort of intellectual brotherhood that can’t be explained and I don’t know if it’s probably because all of you suffered hazings hardships together.  The highlight of the night was when they gave my ninang 65 roses while they sang Cadet girl.  And my personal favorite was when one of the speakers, her best friend, gave the funniest speech ever — in ENGLISH. 
Here’s what I remember from his speech.  This is not verbatim and he delivers this so well.. parang tsismisan lang:
One day while Conri (ninang Alice’s brother) and some of us were staring out Melchor Hall, a car parked in front of the building.  A Japanese guy got out followed by a very beautiful mestiza woman and I said to myself ‘it must be tourist season because of the foreigners’.  Then a pretty Japanese girl got out and we each gave our approval saying “ang ganda!”.  Then Conri said “Tumigil kayo, kapatid ko yan!”.  To which we all reply “BAYAW!”.  But seriously we all had a crush on Alice, not because of anything else but because of all the food that she brought!
The birthday celebrants and my cousins.
The rose giving portion.

Iya and I while watching the program.

Matching pink outfits. 

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