After class

After Iya’s weekend ballet class, we headed off to Serenitea for merienda.  Last year we usually go to Trinoma because her schedule was during mornings.  Now, I have to think of alternatives because I hate going to malls in the afternoon. 
Whenever we go to restaurants I bring the wood blocks with me.  It has given her forbearance from sitting too long and from being finicky.  I can’t stress enough how it has saved me from disciplining her in public.  I highly recommend every parent to buy this type of toy which is small enough to carry anywhere and educational enough to let her create.  I bought this in Greenhills for 100 pesos.  Here’s what she made which is still consistent with her princess obsession.  She also made a carriage represented by the yellow and blue blocks at the left side.

A few minutes after playing, our orders arrived.  She loved the fried tofu and basil that she finished half of the plate. I got her the Swiss Miss Dark Chocolate Froth drink which is perfect for summer. I also ordered the potato rounds but it was not as many and satisfying as the tofu.  When we were finished, she said good bye to the cashier but was requested to dance before we go.  She acquiesced with the matching plie/ curtsy at the end.

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