Mood swings and the Beach

It’s that time of the month again when I feel I’m at my absolute worse.  I walk like a zombie and perform tasks like a zombie.  I hate it, I have a pile of things to do but I am not inspired to do anything.  I just want to stare into space and not think.  To top it off, I sleep late and wake up early even during weekends to follow the 6-12-6-12 nebulization ritual because Iya got asthma again.  I think this was caused by the increment summer heat.  She had colds and was coughing like crazy last week so I took her to the doctor who prescribed Ventolin and steroids.  I was amazed that it was asthma; all along I thought it was the garden variety colds and cough combination.
Iya’s yaya will be taking a vacation for ten days, and wonder of wonders the dates include our office outing.  How come she gets a vacation and I don’t? Last night I asked Iya’s permission to go to the beach even though I know that it’s hopeless anyways.  I just wanted to see her reaction because she has been wary of beaches ever since she saw a movie scene about killer piranhas.
Me:  Pupunta ako sa beach ha? payagan mo ko?
Iya:  Aaaaaaahhh hindi pwede! wag ka pumunta sa beach.
Me:  Hindi ako pupunta sa water, sa sand lang ako.
Iya:  Hindi parin pwede.
Me:  E kung isasama kita.
Iya:  Ayokong pumunta sa beach.
Me:  Bakit ba ayaw mo ko payagan?
Iya:  E kasi baka makagat ka ng isda dun!
I turned off the lights dejected.  I was trying to sleep when she said…
Iya:  Nanay wag ka pumunta sa beach ha?
Me:  Opo, pero papasok ako sa office bukas.
Iya:  Hindi pwede! dito ka lang. 
Apparently she does not believe that I will be just going to the office.
Me:  Promise hindi ako pupunta sa beach, sa office ako pupunta. 
Iya:  Sigurado ka ba? 
Me:  Opo, sigurado po.  
Iya:  Siguradong sigurado ka ba talaga?
Me:  Opo, siguradong sigurado po *laughing
Iya:  Kapag hindi ka nakinig hindi na kita papayagan pumunta sa beach forever!

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