Dance Divertissement Part 1

Iya inherently loves to dance.  Her day will not be complete without swaying to her own improvised song while doing the simplest of things like walking.  She would twirl and stretch her arms with or without music.  Everybody can attest she will not hesitate to comply if you ask her to dance.  This interest, much to my mother and brother’s enjoyment, made us enroll her in ballet classes since summer last year.  It was only last semester that I had a feeling that she was starting to get bored with the repetitive drills.  So I decided to let her experience joining the recital this summer to encourage her and make her feel what it’s like to dance on stage.  And even if she decided she does not want to continue anymore at least she gets to end her ballet lessons with a spectacular performance in no less than the Newport Performing Arts Theater. 
The recital was very expensive and demanding.  The practice alone requires her to attend three times a week.  Henry was not convinced with the cost of the recital because it was even more than the tuition but I was adamant.  I was the one who paid for all the fees anyways.  Little did I know that I would really be her personal assistant because her yaya chose the most inopportune time for a vacation.  It was up to me to prepare her for every practice until the recital.  I was even stressed to find a substitute to accompany her in the backstage but got lucky because my tita let me borrow my nephew’s yaya.  It was truly a commitment not only to the dancer but to her family as well. 

Lounging around while waiting for recital practice
The ballet version of luksong baka
I was with her during the dress rehearsal which was a blessing in disguise because I got the chance to take pictures.  She was awed by the makeup lights and kept on looking at herself and putting on makeup.  She even staged her own poses for me to take pictures.  When she got dressed she was running around ballet style.
Dressing room magic
Warm up? Finally she accepted the fact that her tutu is green.  I had to convince her to wear this which was really difficult.   For someone who loves pink, she had a good crying session when they were giving out the gowns.  She saw all the other girls with pink gowns and got upset.  The assistant teachers bribed her with plastic flowers.  Bakit nga naman kasi green?!
May artist ID pa!

Little girls are just so cute! Her classmates are very friendly and lady like.  Even if they were running around the dance studio I never saw children crying because of a fight.  Henry and I were surprised when we heard a little girl greet her in the grocery and found out she was one of her classmates.  There was also a time when we went past another classmate in the mall and she also said hi.  The teacher associates who are also senior ballerinas are very loving and even after classes were over I see them hugging and playing with their students. 

After the rehearsal she found this fountain in front of the casino.  She asked why there are coins in the water.  I said people throw coins to make their wishes come true.  She wanted to do it too! She closed her eyes, made her wish, and threw the coin. 

For luck.


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