Dance Divertissement Part 2

The call time was 2 pm and the start of the show was 3 pm but we went to Resorts World early to beat traffic and eat lunch. We waited for Uncle Ryan who bought Iya’s bouquet with a funny story:
Ryan: Miss magkano yung pambata nyong bouquet?
Miss: Sir 600 pesos po.
Ryan: Hindi pwede, hindi pwede ang 600 pesos.
Miss: Sir yun na po yung pinakaminimum namin. (probably thinking my brother is dirt cheap)
Ryan: Ah hindi miss ang budget ko kasi is 1500.
Miss: Ah yun naman pala sir walang problema yan lagyan natin ng star gazer.
As for me, I’m perfectly fine with a 600 peso bouquet..
After we had our lunch full of chicken dishes (chicken sotanghon and general’s chicken) she got dressed in one of the comfort rooms, then headed to the second floor entrance. Her cousin Alison was waiting for her there and they both had their makeup done. After a lot of chitchat with the relatives, they entered the backstage and we went to the third floor to wait in the lobby. The theater was spacious and grand. The theater features the musical the King and I up to the end of May so the displays are intricate castle interiors and the opulent decor of Siam. Since the place is relatively new, the interiors are clean and well maintained. I took some pictures while we were waiting. When the show started I was dumbstruck with the whole production and simply enjoyed it unfortunately I was not able take good pictures and videos.

Having her make up done by ate Vicky
A beautiful picture of Henry and Iya taken by uncle Ryan while we were eating lunch
The Minnie Mouse shoulders with her bouquet of flowers
Family picture
The theater lobby
Sparkling lights
The theater stage and interiors
The stage parents and…
The stage grandparents!
What I like about the school is their ability to be on time and the costumes. All the rehearsals start precisely as stated on schedule. As for the costumes and the uniforms, they are not cheap looking, the design is professional, the textiles match the purpose, and the workmanship superb. You would not imagine these costumes are for little girls but for professionals. Iya’s gown is neon green with gold sequins at the front. When seen from the afar they all look like Tinkerbell with their dresses sprinkled with pixie dust. It matches the name of their theme “Dazzling Dewdrops”. I particularly love the costumes for “It’s a small world” which was white with light violet sequins and trimmings. It even has a corset to make them look like dolls.
The dance numbers were alternating senior and baby ballerinas. I got to see what to expect if Iya will continue dancing (keeping my fingers crossed!). You could see that the girls really look like they were enjoying making the audience smile and laugh. For the little girls, every time the number ended they squealed and ran in circles trying to decide where to exit making us laugh even more. It was only when two of the girls cried that we all felt sympathetic. I think they got shocked with the massive audience. It made me think about what my friend Ian said, that in the end it was not important if you made mistakes as long as you were able to dance.  When it was Iya’s turn I was relieved that she was moving.  I never bothered to check if what she did was right or wrong because I was not looking at the other children for comparison (yun pala ang secret!). I was immersed with watching that the videos I took were really crappy. I was not looking at the screen because I wanted to see it live. I will upload the official video from the school when I have it next month.


It ended with a curtain call where each level lined up on stage, bowed, and walked to the exit at the other side. When all groups were finished the curtain went up and revealed all the participants. The three teachers entered, bowed, and took the hand of those nearest to them, guided them forward, and they all bowed as a group. Iya being one of the smallest was right there front and center. Uncle Ryan took great pictures of her waving to the audience like a politician. Which reminds me, Uncle can you please send your nice pictures soon?

Now that the recital is over, its finally time to ask her the question…

Me: Gusto mo pa bang magaral ng ballet sa school?

Iya: Ayoko na.

Me: Bakit?!

Iya: Kasi tapos na ako sa classroom eh, sa resorts world na ako nagsasayaw ngayon!

Wow. Ibang level na pala sya ngayon.


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