Summer means beach

The video from the recital is taking forever to upload.. In the meantime here’s something to read in between..
Her yaya is still on vacation.  
So I have no choice but take her with me to our office outing (and in the office for the succeeding days until her yaya returns or until we find a new one).  We went to Laiya, Batangas to take a break from office work.  I was a little worried that she would be difficult but I was wrong.  She was a darling during the whole trip with her fangs filed and trimmed. She interacted well with my office mates and we had our own moment playing along the shore building mountains errr sand castles.  Luckily she does not like to swim in the beach so I’m secured that she will not run and jump in the water. The resort has an infinity pool so we did our swimming there.  When she saw little kids going in or diving in the water she wanted to try too.  I taught her that she should breathe first before going in and breathe out through her mouth.  She got it and kept doing it over and over.  The following day we went to the pool again and she borrowed my office mate’s goggles.  She started to get comfortable and was paddling on her own.  She was then able to move her arms and legs and float for a second.  And I know that if she was allowed to stay a bit more she’ll get it.  She enjoyed looking under so much that I had a hard time getting her out.  Like I would carry her over the edge and she’ll throw the goggles in the pool saying “oops! kukunin ko yung goggles nanay ha?”, “one last nalang”, “bakit sila hindi pa umaalis?”.  And after the nth number of “one lasts” I dragged her out. 
The room were we stayed was spacious and clean.  She enjoyed the whole thing so much that she said she wanted to do this again.. “Nanay punta tayo sa beach na may bahay ulit.  Titira tayo dun ng two days ok?”
Iya and her continued fascination with flowers.  She got these yellow bells from the ground.  I never knew these were poisonous until the landscape architecture pips told me to wash her hands after she’s done playing with these.

Our building for the day

Posing first before changing

Iya and the sand finally met

Building sand castles

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