Conversations with Iya

In the middle of play, Iya asked her yaya to sing and to be her radio.

Iya: ok on na ang radio.

Yaya belts the song “After All” by Peter Cetera and Cher complete with feelings.

Iya: I think there is a problem with my radio..


We were out in MOA and we were going to meet my tita’s family in front of the church within the compound.

Lola: ayun o dun tayo sa church.. (turning to Iya) nakita mo ba yung church?

Iya: yes, yung castle?

Lola: hindi castle yun church.

Iya: (without pause) castle ni Jesus yon!


Iya: tatay where is my “hungerchip” na pink?

Tatay: hankerchief..

Iya: pink.

Tatay: ..hankerchief..

Iya: pink.

Tatay: Iya hankerchief hindi hungerchip. Ano yun nagugutom na chip?

Iya: hanker.. Asan na nga ba yung panyo na pink?


While taking a bath she wanted to turn on the faucet.

Iya: nanay there is no faucet rain. We need to turn on the faucet!

Then on a separate bath day…

Iya: nanay yung water ba laway yun ng faucet?


We were playing with foil balls (from rebisco choco mallows) that we roll around the carpet city. We used her blocks, knick knacks, and puzzle pieces as our city materials. The can at the top is the castle where her pieces reside but my foil ball was not allowed inside. I was trying to coax her to get her pieces out by going to places around the mat and found her weakness when I played in the school. I was thrown out once again! Eventually i was let in as a classmate but I was still banned from the castle.

Iya: di ka pwede pumasok sa castle.

Me: bakit ba ayaw mo sa akin dun sa loob?

Iya: gusto kita pero ayaw sayo nung door!


Ate Denise: ang baduy naman ng color nitong belle na to. Sino ba nagkulay nito? Ikaw ba iya?

Iya: hindi

Ate Denise: ikaw e! Ikaw nagkulay nito!

Iya: hindi ako! Yan yan (pointing to my aunt) yung nanay mo!


Iya kept on running around in circles while her yaya kept on chasing after her to put her no bite lotion. Because of her frustration she said…

Yaya: por favor me prinsesa!

Iya: yaya what is por favor?

Y: please po yun..

I: e kung sinasabi mo na please e di naintindihan sana kita!

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