Book shopping

I can now breathe a sigh of relief.  She can read three letter words!  My optimistic side is scolding the other half right now.

And to celebrate I bought more books in booksale.  I always find something whenever I go there.  Their book selections are varied and mostly traditional which I love.  There are Dr. Suess’s books, Beatrix Potter’s, Sesame Street, Richard Scarry’s and Disney.  Most of these are books that I grew up with.  Here are my latest find:

Picturesque scene
This is a cutey version like the How do I love you Let me Count the Ways Rabbits.  A poem with illustrations.

I was so lucky I found this classic Angelina Ballerina Book.  It was my first time to discover the beginnings of Angelina.  I especially like the end part of the book where it shows the cross section of the theater.  The illustration is superb!

This is Iya’s favorite book now.  It’s not because of the story but because of the art.  There are so many things to see. The book art is very detailed and includes fairies and fairy tale characters.  When I read, we pretend we have our shopping baskets with us and we choose whatever we want.

This is new to me because this is not a normal colorful children’s book.  The artist chose only one color which was orange.  I was attracted to the illustration which was very architectural.

Richard Scarry’s I Know My Shapes and I Know My Opposites.  I love Scarry’s book ever since I was a child because of his cute scenes.  I especially love finding Lowly the Worm in the pages.


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