Art and Play

One weekend we succumbed to the usual family activity and promised Iya a trip in the mall.  We said she can have one inexpensive toy when we go in the toy store.  Little did she know that I was nervous because of a tantrum possibility.  We were scouring the racks for a possible purchase when she found this activity instead.  She chose the flower vase painting activity for 150 pesos.  She was so careful and so exact with her color assignments.  After her painting, the attendants baked it in the oven. Her artwork is now on display on our mirror next to her gallery. 
In the process of painting with toothpicks…
Finished product on display
Another artsy thing she did lately was when i bought her small Faber Castell colored pencils to use when we go out.  She wanted to test this and came up with her usual princess drawing.  She was still not satisfied and commandeered my watercolor pencils and moleskin sketchbook to draw this sweet flower with a bee. 

I was doing something in my computer when I saw light in my peripheral vision.  It was Iya holding our lamp while walking and I was wondering how long can the wire be? I laughed when I saw her holding my battery pack where she plugged the usb wire in.  Okaaay.. I never thought of doing it that way but it works.  The next day I saw her line her chairs, make herself a belt out of the wires and used the lamp as a steering wheel. 

Uncle Ryan’s home! So he gave his and Marty’s gift to Iya which I think got me more excited.  It was a doll that looks just like her! Complete with the ballerina outfit.  I love toys and this one superb doll.  The hair is so soft, the clothes so realistic, and it definitely looks like her! They even got her ears pierced and a collection of earrings. I put on the hoops so they match. 

My mini me got her own mini me.  I would have joined but I would have been out of place without a ballerina outfit of my own.

Ninang Jin gave her doll a nightie set and blanket.  She let her doll use her pillow and tucked her to sleep.


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