Play time on a rainy day

Rainy days are fun when we can be lazy and lounge around the house all day. It has been a long time since I let her play with clay because of all the mess and the crying when it’s time’s up.  I also allowed her to play with her ceramic plate set, stainless steel flatware, and her plastic glasses I asked my friends to buy for me from Ikea.  The plates and bowls are breakable so I have to be there to supervise her just in case.  I also had the chance to teach her to set the table and also how to dry them after I washed it.
So back to creating, we followed the recipe cards included in the set.  We made the chicken-potato-carrots combination for our first meal.  We also made pizza, toast with jam, brownies and ice cream. Afterwards she made her own meal, pancakes, cookies, and ice cream for all of us.  That kept her busy for hours!

Our messy table

The recipes and our food

And during one particular happy molding, she was singing…

Iya:  Si nanay masungit…

Me:  Ano?! narinig ko yung sabi mo ha!

Iya; (laughing) Si nanay ma.. ganda!

O ayan ha, maganda na yung sinabi ko. yung nauna joke lang yon!

Maniwala! Kung di ko pa nahuli!


And I knew she was enjoying her vacation when she sang this to Taylor Swift’s “We’re never getting back together” song:

We’re never ever ever going back … to school!


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