Paper toys 3

We just love paper crafts.  Iya has this affection with paper and cutting it into little bits all the time.  While I, love to print out things I find in the internet.  A perfect tandem.  This cutie I saw in Pinterest and we tried it one evening.  I did the cutting to let her enjoy making her design.  She immediately knew what goes with what, matching our favorite colors and flavors.  She got the purple pink combination and I got the yellow flower with chiffon cake and chocolate icing.  She knows me so well!  
She also made cupcakes for her tatay, grandparents, teacher, and favorite classmates and wrote their names at the back.  It was a very busy night!

Cupcake parts from printed paper

Design and assembly.  The top one with the flower was made for me 🙂

A little extra with her blocks.  She made this castle and carriage with her little toy twinkies.
Assembling lola’s happy birthday cupcake

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