Field trip 2013

The month of September has been a month of blues.  I don’t know if we were affected by the gloomy weather psychologically or allergically.  Henry and Iya both got asthma for weeks and I got the colds and flu.  I was a constant visitor of our neighborhood drugstore that I think the funds we were saving up for a vacation got used up! (I’m actually scared to account all of the expenses!)
So all the while I was praying fervently that Iya will be well enough to attend her school field trip.  She has been anticipating it ever since the start of September.  When the day came, Iya woke up easily with me uttering the magic words “field trip”.  We were supposed to be at the pickup point by 530 a.m. that I was awake by 4 in the morning to prepare our sandwiches.  
Our itinerary:
1.  Tatak Pinoy and the Science and Math Museum in Manila near Boom na Boom.  
2.  Mall of Asia for the Nido’s Science and Discovery Museum.  
3.  Eat Lunch in Blue Wave or in the bus.
4.  Watch Alice in Wonderland by the Repertory Philippines in Greenbelt
5.  Malling before going back
Tatak Pinoy and the Science and Math Museum.  She posed with her best friend Yvonne for the tarpaulins.  The kids were more interested with making shadow figures than watch the video of the best sights in the Philippines.  And even if she’s not feeling well she was still a sport and volunteered to play kulintang.  I especially like the art illustrations with mathematical concepts like the golden mean rectangles for Mona Lisa. 

The Nido Science and Discovery Museum.  I took the evolution of computers for Henry who probably went through all these stages.  They even have renewable energy systems on display.  It would have been better if these were demonstrated.  We also saw how long lolong really is.  The rest of the time we were busy playing with the displays and as usual I forgot to take pictures.

It was tiring!  I have to constantly be aware of Iya’s location as we were always positioned at the back of the room.  The students were always in the front to experience the show or presentation by the organizers.  The tour has a time limit per stop and because of the number of students we did not have time to test each one. The contrived displays made me wonder if they learn things this way.  It is still educational though.. She was able to play with her friends and hopefully explored enough of the museum’s diagrammatic set-ups to inspire her to ask more questions. 

The musical presentation of Alice in Wonderland was upbeat.  They tried to let the audience participate by asking questions and teaching songs about being mad.  “I’m mad, you’re mad, we’re all mad here.”  And perhaps I’m a little biased because I love the story and the name.  We were not allowed to bring our camera inside the theater so I was not able to take pictures.

I enjoy watching plays primarily because of the set design.  It is a wonder how they engage the audience to experience an alternate reality with a limited space.  For this particular story, they used the concept of origami for the set design and props.  The back drop consists of a squares with edges folded in the center, the decorations simulate folded paper by making geometric chairs and tables, and the animals wore origami inspired hats.  It was unfortunate that Iya was not able to watch the second part because she fell asleep.

Honestly the field trip was ok but I was worried the whole time.  Iya had colds, was a little feverish, and developed rashes around the eyes around 9am.  She was energetic and continues to play with her classmates that I was torn between leaving or staying.  When we were in the Nido Science and Discovery Museum her eyes got so swollen so I rushed to the nearest drugstore to buy her antihistamine.  Luckily it did not get worse but I still had the urge to see her doctor.  While we were watching the play she had a fever so that made me decide what to do.  In short, her field trip ended in the doctor’s office.

Apparently, her rashes were severe and can cause anaphylaxis.  This is a type of allergy that affects the parts of the body by swelling the throat making breathing difficult.  This was the first time it happened and I was really anxious when I found out the possible outcome.  I was so affected that Henry and I took turns to watch her the whole night.

This whole situation made me realize again how hard it is to be the grown up.  I have to decide what to do and think about actions beyond myself.  I have to give directions even if most of the time I am unsure myself.  I don’t want to think about what would have happened.  I guess the important thing is to follow my gut feel even if it could spoil her fun such as school field trips!


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