Halloween 2013 part 1

Time for costumes and candies! 
When we started this trick or treat tradition we only have one place to go — my friend Diane’s workplace. They are connected with an American based company that provides a budget to decorate so as to experience their most enjoyable holiday.  They adorn four office wings with themes from different cartoons.  She was a Korean girl, Minnie Mouse, and a Japanese girl.  Now facebook newsfeed confirms that everyone is celebrating it in offices, malls, even in community markets! It’s an event that guarantees no tantrums whatsoever.  All they have to do is dress up in their favorite costume and then get candies?! A sure way to get them really excited! 
This year our venue expanded to three places.  Diane’s (our usual), my office, and Henry’s.  Iya may be ecstatic but honestly I was exhausted being her personal assistant.  I have to make sure her costume is ready, she’s dressed on schedule, carry her things, provide assistance to her overflowing bucket, and after all the hullabaloo distribute the candies to her cousins and friends.  But like any dutiful mother who am I to refuse what she wants for a day, err two days?
First.. Henrys.. (October 29)
This year was a first for their company to host a Halloween party.  Henry was saying it’s not that big, dress whatever you want because he’s not sure if the other kids would make an effort to dress up, blah blah blah… We chose the Snow White dress because it only takes a little effort fixing her hair to match the Snow White the cartoon.  We stayed in uncle Ryan’s house that morning to bake cupcakes before going to Henry’s office around four in the afternoon.  Iya also got to watch my Neighbor Totoro, a studio Ghibli film, before taking her nap.  (photos courtesy of uncle Ryan)
Cupcakes ready to put in the oven

Our baker decorating the cupcakes.  (cornbread, cream cheese icing, Chicago caramel popcorn topping)

Iya and Totoro

Iya decorating her cupcakes with pink cream cheese frosting

Iya and the two Totoros

The finished product

Iya’s transformation after frosting her cupcake.  Shes ready for the ball party!

While we were waiting for Henry in the lobby a Korean guy even went out of his way to say “You’re so cute!” twice!  I should have muttered “Pwera usog!”
She participated in all the games and was not satisfied.  She has to have both of us join in too! (insert distressed face here)  Henry was in it for the newspaper dance, while I became a hopping Mummy. After the games, we then went to the different workstations to get candies, ate in the pantry, and went back to the training room for the last announcement.  She won one of the three best in costume (!) getting a five hundred pesos gift certificate in Toys R Us as a prize.  It seems like whenever we were not anticipating a contest, she gets to win one. How lucky!

With her friend Robin Hood

Accepting her prize


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