Halloween part 2

It’s OCA’s turn!

She came as…

Cinderella with her friend Sleeping Beauty.
When I saw this, I prayed that she’s ok with seeing her favorite princess’ costume worn by someone else.When she was asked why she’s not wearing her Princess Aurora’s costume she replied with “hindi pa daw kasi kasya sa akin sabi ni Nanay”.  Whew! good girl!
I gave away these treat bags.  I just drew the halloween faces on plastic and repacked the cheetos, cheeze-it, and cheese balls inside.  Instant yummy pumpkins! Salty snacks to counter the sweet candies.
Not the whole cast but the mainstay OCA kids
Iya sorting her candies to give to her cousins Kuya John and Joseph.
What she got! This was even after she gave away some of her candies to her cousins.  I still need to trim it down my tummy.
We spent undas or All Saint’s Day in Tayabas. We visited the cemetery but most days we just stayed home and sleep until our bodies ache! For all of us except nanay, staying in Tayabas means getting more than your usual 8 hours of sleep.  For Iya, it is to watch the Disney Junior Channel any time she likes.  Henry brought my advance Christmas gift to play with.  It’s a complicated race car that he can incorporate to the raspberry pie.
Here’s Henry trying to assemble the wheels
Iya has a different version though.  She used the mag cap and flexible hose/ pipe to make a flower!
Here’s another picture of her bouquet and a humongous leaf.  She’s having a tinkerbell moment.
Iya and cousin Dylan posing with their glow in the dark bracelets and halo!
The cousins and my big brother in orange hehehe
Inside the mausoleum.  Flowers and candles for our Inana, amama, and my tita.
November 1 has always been a day to be still for all of us.  It’s a great way to celebrate and commemorate our loved ones together.  I love spending holidays in the province.  There is comfort in doing the routine, like walking with all the people to the cemetery, talking with relatives, eating junkfood, or letting kids play scary games.  These simple things make me happy.

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