Girl in Green

 I was surprised when I learned that she can be a girl scout already — a twinkler scout to be exact.  When I read her tuition fee breakdown, true enough, there was a girl scout’s fee.  It was a cute program which was attended by the school officials and a GSP representative.  She was part of the Star Ray cluster (the last cluster) and I tease her endlessly that it’s a perfect name because she’s a “Stariray”.  The program was complete with pinning the girl scouts pin and putting on the scarf.  I think they should have included the parents in their practices.  I was flustered because I don’t know what to do.  Luckily her cluster’s last!  In the end, she received her GSP ID with insurance and I also had the chance to take pictures and videos to keep us entertained.  
Proof that Iya’s a cute girl scout and I’m taking such a long time to pin that pin!
 Opening prayer.  This is the one she kept on singing wherever we go. She got to sing it to our relatives in Tayabas and my friends here in the office.  We are not Catholic but I know this song because of it’s nice music.
Her cluster on stage
This is their last performance as a group
Exit 🙂 Bye!

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