Christmas 2013 in instagram

Christmas has always been my favorite time of the year.  Others say that it’s expensive, crazy, and traffic especially here in the Philippines but I always saw it as the season to be prepared, being surrounded by people you love, and a time to talk with Henry more inside the car! I usually buy gifts really early, around September, for my godchildren, relatives, and friends.  I don’t go along with the Christmas rush because I don’t do well under pressure.  It also comes with the perk that my 13th month belongs to me!  However, despite my overly zealous gift shopping I was bogged down with colds and my usual migraine for two weeks in December.  So for three days I was up wrapping until 1 in the morning to complete the gifts before the parties. 
I had leftover kraft paper from last year so instead of aqua ribbons I opted for the traditional red.  It matched my brother’s gift theme too!  I hate my ribbons though.. it was so stiff! I got a lot of cuts and my hands ached to make that perfect ribbon.  But despite that it turned out fine.
The end of November brings new free wallpaper designs to decorate my desktop.  I opted for the gold font and neutral stripes.  It did bring instant cheer whenever I open my computer. 
We went to Tayabas early this year because of my cousin’s wedding.  Iya was busy playing with my mother’s Christmas village.  I have to commend her for her efforts in decorating the house.  It was very festive.  My father insisted because he knows Iya would enjoy fiddling with all the little details. She even assembled the toy train in the balcony where we usually stay.
What’s Christmas without the sweets? I bought Ghirardelli Christmas chocolates like this mixed white and milk chocolate candies and the peppermint bark.  We also gave away Hershey’s candy cane white chocolates for the kids.  Yum!  Even the chocolates were dressed up for the holidays!
We attended my cousin’s wedding which deserves a separate post.  Iya was one of the flower girls, uncle Ryan was one of the groomsmen and tatay gave away ate Rouselle (like a prize!). Our family was all dressed up. 
Iya and her costume change.  The picture was care of uncle’s photography skills and his Fujifilm x100s.  I’m so jealous! She wore a gown and accessories from ninong Marty, ever her fairy god parent making her look like a princess.  This gown is way more expensive than my dress.  As in three times more expensive! Naloka kami ni uncle Ryan.
Her tita Sarah made a mistake of commenting “Iya you look like a princess!” and she replied “I am a princess!”
And when Christmas day came, we have to have our traditional picture by the Christmas tree.  Complete family members (check!), Iya looking at the camera (check!), Iya smiling (erm.. we still have to perfect that smile)
Happy Holidays!
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