Christmas 2013

It was last minute when I decided to put up our mini tree and the even mini-er tree by Iya.  It was postponed because I thought there was enough time to do our repainting works.  I was happy that we did put it up though.  It was memorable getting the ornaments and forcing me to remember snippets of previous Christmases.  The non-themed Christmas tree has decorations from Diane, my auntie, from OCA, when my mother and I ate in McDonalds while shopping for Christmas gifts, and the balls that I got from the very beginning.
After my cousin’s wedding we went to the grocery to buy ingredients for our annual Christmas party.  I contributed my green apple and celery salad.  It’s a salad pretending to be healthy because it has mayonnaise.  But before the party we just have to make time and swim! (Excuse my forever pink swimsuit).  Iya really enjoys swimming now because of her goggles.  She’s not afraid to go in the water.  If only we have a pool in our backyard..

After swimming I discovered that the store besides 711 sells surprisingly good iced coffee.  Iya and I tried the mocha with whipped cream.  Now I know where to go to if I’m bored. 
The party started around five in the afternoon.  I prepared three games.  Iya contributed the first game.  She even demonstrated it for the players.  It’s a relay race for the kids holding a spoon with their mouths balancing a Christmas ball.   They have to go around the chair at the opposite side and pass the Christmas ball to the next person.  Second, the pairs game for my aunts and unlcle, nanay and tatay, and my older cousins.  I ask them questions that Denise and I collaborated.  They will write down the answer on the bond paper that they have to show everyone.  If the pair has similar answers they get a point.  I was surprised when all of them got the “Who is the first boyfriend of the girl?”  I mean all of them got it! even my Tatay who does not even know the favorite color of my Nanay (but maybe he did that deliberately).  And third, the Pinoy Henyo version about anything Christmas. 
We ate, distributed and opened our gifts, and swam for money.  It was a riot.  My mother’s tree was harassed by my cousins! Apparently next year it will still be in our house so I still have to think of games next year.  The pictures were all taken by uncle Ryan and his fabulous camera.

We were color coded.  Yellow for the Paderes, orange for the Lavado who got a new recruit, pink for our family, blue for Narry Flores and family who also got a semi recruit kaya di pa pure blue (Iya was asking if there was a white team because her ate Joy is dressed in white), red for Jacela, and green for Tony Flores and family.
The party.  My games were all successful because I have a prize basket! (c/o Nanay) so everyone participated. Iya and I got dresses from tiya.

I just want to include this one.  An extra smiling picture of Iya in her pink Christmas dress.

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