New Year 2014

This might be the first time I posted pictures of our new year because we don’t do much.  We just stay at home, watch our neighbor’s fireworks, and then eat in Mommy’s and Daddy’s house.  This year I decided to be pro active and celebrate it the way we did back when I was a kid.  We bought lusis, pop pop, and baby rockets around two in the afternoon to let Iya experience lighting lusis and throwing the pop pop which is the equivalent of the watusi back in our time.  We attended church by 6 in the evening, went home to eat dinner, watched television, and went out to light the fireworks.  I was apprehensive and gave her detailed instructions on how to hold it.  Ang kulit ko but it’s better to be safe.   She enjoyed it immensely and was dancing while waving the stick.  Looks like next year we would be buying fireworks again. 

2013 has happened so fast.  Even if I’m well aware that “The days are long but the years short” from reading the Happines Project at the beginning of the year I feel that I did not maximize the time.  This year I hope to be more aware of the present and make time to enjoy the company of family and friends.  I thank God for new years because aside from being grateful for the year of blessings, there is always a chance of starting over, of reassessment, and the hope to get better.

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