My birthday weekend part 1

This is a late post from November. While in the car on a Thursday, I just mentioned in passing why not go on a mini vacation? I was choosing between Tagaytay or Subic but we decided the latter. I booked immediately in Camayan that morning, paid the downpayment that afternoon and we were on our way that Saturday. It was THAT fast! I really wanted Iya to go to Ocean Adventure because she missed joining her school’s field trip last 2012. It was a relaxing weekend. We went to Ocean Adventure in the morning, played along the shore of the beach in the afternoon, and saw Subic Night Safari in the evening. The following morning we stayed in the hotel and went back to the beach for more swimming fun. And as usual I had a hard time making Iya go home. She will roll on the sand making us go back and wash her up. She’ll do it again, and again, and again. I know! I don’t want to leave too!

Family picture in the hotel restaurant. I think the restaurant name is “reef”. They serve good food, we ordered sandwiches and fish and chips.

We were feeding the fishes with white bread we got from the restaurant. It was delightful to see a great number of small fishes swimming over. The water is also clear so you can see them with great clarity.

Taken using my underwater camera. Henry took a lot of pictures. I think he’s the one who enjoyed the fish feeding.

Our sand castle and the little things on top were the ones we bought from the Ocean Adventure gift shop.

The favorite spot for taking pictures with the beach as the background. We should go out more this year. I can’t wait!

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