My birthday weekend part 2

When we got to Subic, we went to Ocean Adventure first while waiting for our room.  We were there along with 5,000 other people! Majority were students having their fieldtrip.  Instead of going with the mob, we ate breakfast in the restaurant.  We got the American breakfast — bacon, beans, sunny side up egg, toast, butter and orange marmalade.  It was very filling and delicious.  My stomach is growling as I write this.  We were a little late so we started with the African Acrobats first, the Wild things show, the dolphins, then the sea lions.  We ended it with the usual souvenir shopping.  Iya bought plastic toys to put on our sand castle and a purple dolphin key chain while I bought a bag tag because they ran out of magnets.
We were asked to participate in the African Acrobats, Iya and I.  I always shy away from any form of public performance I swear! I would rather do the set design or props than perform.  But I did. She has magic I tell you.. One of the unbelievable things I would do!

All the shows were really educational and entertaining.  We enjoyed it immensely that we will go back after a few years when she’s old enough to swim with the dolphins.  And maybe go during summer and on a weekday! Definitely not on fieldtrip season.

Waiting for the African Acrobats to start

Balancing Act

Wild animal performance

Philippine eagle

Dolphin show.  Iya’s favorite.

The line to the sea lion show! We almost did not watch but I found another entrance at the other side. No lines!

Sea lion sea patrol.  My favorite show.

The fish with teeth


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