My birthday weekend part 3

The night safari is a special tour every Saturdays in Zoobic Safari.  Since we were there on a Saturday, we might as well check it out.  I had the chance to visit the Singapore zoo night safari and I loved it! I was with friends and I still remember walking along the creepy trail.  We heard the howling of the wolf right in the middle of the tall plants that we felt it’s going to pounce any moment. I was hoping that this one is even a little like that.

First off, we don’t know where it is.  We followed the gps and it led us to a dirt road.  The kind that can only accommodate one car, has absolutely NO light/s, no signage, no people or any living thing!  It was so scary like those in movies.  Tipong ready na ako na may multong lalabas, hijackers, or we will fall off the cliff! and I’m never the one to get scared easily.  I really said turn back.  That road was wrong — always, always trust your instinct.  We found the correct one with the signs but still no lights! We were contemplating to go back but knowing what we experienced a while back was scarier I said go ahead.

When we got there one of the tour groups already started so we just caught up with them.  It was ok, not as spectacular but I know they tried to make it enjoyable for the guests.  As I said we joined the guided tour so you will not get lost and sure to maximize the time.  Our guide was very friendly and accommodating, stating trivia once in a while.  She said that the bearcat is the only animal in the park that doesn’t smell bad because whenever they are agitated or excited they smell like pandan or popcorn. True enough when we passed her area we got a whiff of pandan.

There is also a show and a tram ride for touring the “savanna” and tiger feeding.  I really encourage people to visit so they can maintain and eventually improve the park.  I personally think it’s better than the day schedule (that’s why they charge more) because the night conceals imperfections providing an illusion that you are in a jungle.

The tram
The riders.. Iya looks like Peter Pan’s Tiger Lily here
The stage for the night safari show
Fire dancers
The Earth Goddess.  The only person Iya wanted to have her picture taken.
The crocodile area below this bridge.  Very like jurassic park.
Zoobic Safari Map
The dining hall
I’m really happy that we spent this kind of weekend together.  I know that we are together every night but most of the time we each do our thing.  I am reading a book or writing or drawing, Henry is in front of his computer, Iya playing with her toys or watching youtube.  We are together but not really.  Having a vacation is not just about going somewhere, it is also a chance to interact free from distractions and routine.  Being in the beach particularly removes all gadgets, except my waterproof camera, so all we need to have a great time is each other.  Here’s to more family time this year!

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