Gabby and ate Rouselle’s Wedding

My closest cousin ate Rouselle literally and figuratively got married last December with Iya as the flower girl.  This is her second time to walk down the aisle unassisted.  She’s bigger now so I’m not worried about her crying and not walking.  She even said “Nanay alis ka na kaya ko na to.” when it was near her turn.
I was supposed to give a message for my cousin during the despedida de soltera but apparently the host forgot or my cousin deliberately forgot because she doesn’t want me to say unexpected things in front of the groom’s family.  But lucky for her I can just write it here..

1. She taught me all kinds of things like speed reading in tagalog. How? By renting funny comics. We were one of those kids that lines up every morning to ask if there is a new issue.  Back then, I think you can rent one for only 10 centavos. She also taught me how to eat pancit habhab like a professional. Yun ang merienda namin kasama namin ang mga tricycle drivers sa tindahan ni mang Marlon.

2. Ate rouselle loves pageantry. She participated in all Flores de Mayo parades! I have a picture showing her in her beautiful gown. She has that regal look while holding a scepter and beside her I have this sullen look with a what-am-i-doing-here face. Magkabaliktaran kami.

We also watched all the Mukha ng Tayabas pageants. Mukha is the local beauty pageant in Tayabas which is an acronym for M-ukha, U-tak, K-atawan, H-alina, and A-lindog. I think the reason why she wanted to learn piano and had frequent dance practices to secretly prepare her for the talent portion! Sometimes before going to sleep i ask her beauty contest type questions like “what would you choose beauty or brains? Explain why.” and her answer is “pipiliin ko talino kasi kapag nakatapos ka na makakakuha ka ng magandang trabaho pwede ka maging mayaman. Kapag mayaman ka na pwede ka magpaplastic surgery.” The answer was prophetically accurate.

But alas her dream of becoming the Mukha ng Tayabas was not fulfilled. Which brings us to number 3.

3. if she can’t be the most beautiful.. She will be the smartest.  And she did achieve that. She told me that she knows she looks ordinary so she enjoys the surprised look on people’s faces when they learn about her accomplishments. 

But how did she start?

By memorizing all the trivia books issued in National Bookstore. She has I think three series with 10 volumes! I remember going through her bookcase and flipping the books. There i learned “who invented the xray?” Or who discovered alternating current? All the unnecessary information that up to now still takes space in my head. After 3 pages I closed the book baka mamemorize ko pa lahat.

4. Ate rouselle is very traditional just like her wedding theme. Feeling nya sya sa Maria Clara. And one of her daydreams on having a family is them having breakfast before going to work/ school.  I am definite that it’s not her who cooks though, maybe Gabby (her husband) will do that and she can serve the breakfast.

But seriously, she’s the reason why I love to go to the province because she never fails to include me in all her activities.  I enjoyed my childhood because of her together with our playmates in the neighborhood.  We would stay up late playing in the street, talking about boys or the local tsismis, exploring the town, and immersing ourselves with all the petty but entertaining trivialities of childhood.  
I wouldn’t mind growing old if I look like my Nanay and Tiya.

The flower girls in front of the altar during the ceremony! Sacrilege! I was a bible reader so I was not able to prevent this from happening.  The monsignor from this minor basilica can get really grumpy.

The kids with the newly weds

Us three
Flores Family picture

Swankified (sorry just watched Wicked) Paragos.  We rode this when we were little in the farm.  Carabaos are not just for tilling the soil but we also used them before to pull our makeshift sleds.

Eat-all-you-can maruya, balul balol (squash), and buchi.  There was also a fishball cart at the other side.

Marching Band entertainment

Photobooth message

Finally Iya looking at the camera! Si tatay naman ang hindi!

Table decor

The perfect picture that evening
Tangled floating lights moment.  I was lighting the waxed cardboard in the middle.  It was much harder than it looks.

I took this shot! The lantern ready for takeoff!

Brother Bear, Ate Rouselle, Me, and Gabby surrounded by girls at the back teehee!

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