I got a text from Iya’s teacher in the middle of our Lazy Day Weekend…
Good morning po! I am pleased to inform you that your child JULIA is an awardee of her class for the S.Y. 2013-2014.  With this, she has to attend the recognition practice on Monday to Thursday March 24-27, 2014 from 7:00am to 10:am wearing her daily school uniform.  Friday will be the General Rehearsal with the same schedule. Please send her food for her snacks… Ms. Ana, Congratulations!
I read this text twice to make sure she’s referring to my daughter.  Totoo naman, she even used capital letters to spell her name.  All this uncertainty is because I know for a fact that she’s not one of the top students in her batch (negamom moment hahaha!).  I know this because her scores are average when I look at her test papers and her notes.  It’s not that I don’t believe she can do it but because I don’t want to pressure her to be grade conscious especially for all the wrong reasons.. and hellooooo?! Kinder? why do I want burn out during Kinder? All I want from the school is to teach her how to read and write, which so far is proving to be difficult at times to the point I’m wondering if she’s dyslexic.  But based on her tests even when she was still in nursery, her interest lies in science.  

And reading? well not so much…

So when I read the text I was perplexed.  I told this to Henry and my mom. We were all wondering what her award is.  Our guesses:
  1. Miss Friendship – Because she doesn’t know how to pick fights.  She’s friends with all her classmates and even those who aren’t in her class.  Her teacher told me once she went to the bathroom and there was another student who belongs in the upper class inside.  She asked for her name, where’s her class, who’s her teacher and came out with a new friend.  I notice it too whenever we go out, she would initiate conversation with everyone even adults.
  2. Most Generous – Because she loves to share.  She would give portions of her baon to her classmates and teachers.  She would insist! (to their exasperation sometimes) and would not allow them to say no.  At home she would save us portions whenever she has food.  Her yaya and my mom’s helper doesn’t even have to ask.  When she goes to my mommy’s room to get snacks, she comes back bearing three packs — one for her, one for her yaya, and one for the helper.
  3. Most Neat – I don’t think this is her award.  She looks neat until you look at her socks! I swear I don’t know where on earth she puts her feet! 
  4. Most Talkative – Being friendly has to be accompanied by having an inquisitive mind and a talkative mouth!  She talks all day nonstop.  The only way we can have silence is when she’s asleep and I’m honestly more worried if she’s quiet!  When we went to the E.R. this week because her lower jaw was swollen, the doctors wanted to talk to me about her condition but she can’t help interjecting little details about her sickness. I don’t mind since I’m her mother but if I’m not I would probably go crazy!
  5. Miss Universe – Because she’s always smiling and she loves to perform. Teacher Ana told me that one of the teachers in the other level always carries her.  She said to Iya “Why are you being carried? you’re not a baby anymore” to which she replied “But she wants to carry me.  Di ba I’m kind teacher? so I let her carry me”.  She also gets dance requests once in a while and she always obliges..  Just last week she danced for her principal when they went in to pay for her summer class.  She’s so unlike me when it comes to facing the crowd and performing, thank goodness!

After prodding, her teacher finally divulged her award… (drum roll please)

Twinkler Scout of the Year!


and the criteria… Present in every girl scout meeting, friendly, jolly, helpful, and kind. This award substantiates what we see in her every day — A happy, gentle little lady that we all adore.


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