Demonstration 2014

I attended Iya’s casa demonstration and because of last year, I’m not clueless anymore.  Some of the activities were the same but some were new materials to help with math.  As usual we were not allowed to take pictures of the actual demonstration but I sneaked a few at the end part while she’s making me a sandwich.

The first part was the demonstration of the casa materials, the second part was the household/ sensorial activities, then the last was the sandwich and juice preparation.  The students go to the microphone in front when they are called, introduce themselves, and then tells us what they will do.  Iya demonstrated the identification of the different shapes. It looks like a wood puzzle and she has to show and name the pieces one by one.  

She’s really a natural when it comes to performances.  She has this perfect blend of playful seriousness that endears the audience. She’s not afraid to make a mistake like when she’s not sure about the shape and says… “Ano kaya to?! … (makes a face).  This is a quartrefoil” (looks at her teacher smiling for confirmation).  She does the same thing for the trapezoid. The audience laughed that instantly lightened the mood of the room.  Which is a good thing because all of them were so serious!

Peanut butter sandwich making
Waiting for her turn.  This is not Iya’s class though. She was absent and this was a make-up demonstration.  We have to attend otherwise she will not be able to get a grade for this section.

My cutie making me a sandwich.  She said to her teacher she’ll make another one for her yaya because she’s her visitor.  I think she was the only one who made two sandwiches.  Normally the sandwiches made were for one parent only.  I can always depend on her and her thoughtfulness.

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