Food Art

My charaben story continues after Halloween.  I was able to make a few and the pictures below are my favorites.  I was unable to continue during Christmas, New Year, and until the early part of the year because the house was in disarray. We fixed the problems with our roof and we did re-painting at some areas. 
I get design inspirations from the internet and then modify these from our local ingredients.  What I did are not as elaborate as those found in the internet but it looks fun enough in her little lunch box.  Malaya’s mom bought the lunch box and bento accessories from Saizen in Japan and the others were bought by my cousin Rouselle.  I’m so grateful for my supportive friends and relatives! hahaha! I draw what I want to create the day after in my notepad, make sure that I have all my ingredients, cut the nori the night before, and wake up early to assemble them.  There were no cooking involved because these are mostly sandwiches and fruits.  So cutting and putting them together is what I do in the morning.  The viands and rice are leftovers so sometimes I don’t follow the schedule if we have a nice dinner at home.
My weekly meal plan hahaha! Luckily I found this in my dropbox feed. 
1.  I forgot what’s inside the triangle sandwich, probably ham? with mangoes, grapes, and cheese; 2. Rice spam, leftover tomato and cheese pasta with a small apple; 3. rice cubes with nori, enoki mushrooms wrapped in bacon, mangoes, and cheese; 4. Sundried tomatoes spaghetti, bun, german franks, cauliflower, broccoli, and jelly beans. 
1. pepperoni and mushroom pizza on lettuce, mangoes, and banana; 2. Rice, grapes, leftover beef steak and mixed vegetables; 3. fudgie bar, grapes, apple, Vienna sausage, tomato, lettuce; 4. cocktail hotdogs, roasted small potatoes and broccoli, grapes, and bananas. 

1.  cocktail hotdogs, cheese sandwich; 2. bacon and cheese sandwich with cookie butter, kiwi, and banana; 3. spam, cheese sandwich, mangoes, and banana; 4.  hello panda biscuits, cookie butter sandwich, Vienna sausage.

I miss decorating.. I hope I can do more of this for the next school year.  Special thanks to Malaya and Ate Rouselle, and probably Jin next time!


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