School update

Everything happens for a reason.  When I applied for this job I was just thinking of surviving my monthly expenses and help my family.  I did not anticipate that I will stay here for ten whole years with enough social hours to date, get married, have a child, do little side jobs, and finish my masters degree.  Another benefit that has sparked my interest five years ago is the chance that Iya can study in the UP Integrated School.  It’s a Primary School that also functions as the laboratory for the UP College of Education.  It means that as an employee Iya has a higher probability of acceptance.  They only accept 100 students, 60 children of U.P. employees and 40 children of non-U.P. employees.  When I knew this I was confident that Iya will pass.  I mean how many will take the exam? a little over 100? All this confidence started to waver earlier this year when I started asking my fellow office mates about the whole application procedure and who passed or who didn’t.  I also enrolled Iya in an English speaking school given that we speak Filipino in the house.  It was not like the schools within the vicinity that use Filipino as the primary language and give mock exams to prepare for the UPIS.
I was ready for the application and was one of the parents who were in line to fill-up, pay, and wait for their schedule — U-Pila again.  I did not take a picture or blabber to anyone that Iya will take the exam in fear of expectations.  On the exam day I was oddly surprised with the number of kids and parents near the entrance.  It was like UPCAT all over again.  So there I was at 8 am, waking Iya up, praying that she’ll be her usual self given that she’s still supposed to be asleep this time on regular days (luckily she’s not like me who hates mornings).  I waved goodbye and said a silent prayer for her cooperation.  I was out waiting for two hours with fellow moms who constantly talk about their children’s grades and awards.  It was absolute torture!  When she got out she was busy explaining what they did inside in great detail.  That was something because my officemates said when they asked their children about the exam they did not remember anything.  She said she was not able to finish one task and I, the usual paranoid mother exclaimed “naku! baka hindi ka papasa nyan!” that when we arrived in the office and people asked her how was it? she answered “hindi daw ako papasa sabi ni nanay!” hahaha sorry baby! I’m a pessimist!
We waited a month for the results.  It was not immediately published on their website so I have to formally go to the building to check.  Parang UPCAT nanaman!  My heart was beating fast, my hands were clammy, and I was really nervous until I saw her name on the list.  Whew! I called Henry and my mom to tell them the good news!
Finally I can post these pictures!  Congratulations to Iya for passing the exam!  I can take no credit from this one, this is all hers.

Sunflowers in the University Oval for graduation
one of us
Apparently when I attended the orientation, the assistant principal said that 1480 kids took the exam and they only got 100 so we are all very fortunate that our kids were chosen.  And yes Henry and I are both very happy and grateful for this.  Imagine the cost of a good school for a year is equivalent to the fees that I will pay over the span of 12 years!
When I told her that she passed she said..  “Sabi sayo Nanay eh! Kala mo no?!”

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