Orientation and first day of classes

I was envisioning a week of house cleaning and a bit of relaxation while Iya was on vacation in Tayabas.  She wanted to spend her last week with her lola and lolo before school starts.  Henry and I were even scheduling a movie date on a Thursday before we pick her up the following weekend.  That was the plan.  But all these changed when I was caught unaware that the school year will start immediately that supposed vacation week!  Nanay and Tatay was forced to come back to Manila so that Iya can attend class. I was also supposed to buy her supplies immediately. I was really very sorry for causing panic that I asked them to accompany me to the mall for supplies and treated them dinner that day.

The orientation was formal and well presented that when they finished I was convinced that this is the right school for Iya.  The values that they want to instill in their students that caught my attention are…

To be simple.  They insist that students should not bring large amounts of money or expensive things like toys or cellphones in school because not every one belongs in one social strata.  They want the students to respect their fellow classmates by their character not by the things they own.  I hope this helps in limiting peer pressure when it comes to materialistic things that is one of the problems in private schools.
To develop the students’ optimum potential and will be proud of their culture and national identity.   This is a value that I don’t usually see being prioritized in school that I think is relevant today.  I know that in the advent of globalization we tend to bash our own country instead of participating in change.  I do want Iya to be a proud Filipino, to have social consciousness, and to be the best she can be to help others.
To be independent.  This in terms of teaching them to do things on their own including homework! I am doing my happy dance right now.  When she was in her previous school there were a lot of assignments that I was having a hard time supervising.  Of course I can easily do it myself but I want her to do it.  It was really tedious to the point we finish at around twelve midnight!  Now, I can safely say that she can do her assignments (given once a week) without my help — just the way it should be.

Stage while waiting for the orientation to start
First day of classes, first day seatwork

Masaya ang… First day of classes kahit nabigla ako!
Playing in the office.  Scissors, tape, colors, and paper to solve boredom. She made a house out of paper and cut the door so it can open.  The interiors of the house is what’s on the chair.  There is a bed an a jacuzzi. Sosyal!
Also, a selfie is a must. When I left for a few minutes, I saw this in my phone gallery..

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