Iya at 5

One morning I was being creepy and was staring at Iya while she was sleeping.  That moment I felt that she is indeed way past being a baby.  It’s very difficult to think otherwise because she’s smaller than the other kids at school and her face retains that chubby cheeks and twinkling eyes.  It has been five years of progress and I’m happy that she’s more interactive, creative, and a lot more that I was not expecting.  She’s always surprising me, making me wonder if I was like that when I was little…


I was way to serious!

1.  She says the darnest things.

2.  She doesn’t like school that much but she keeps coming back because of art and…

3.  She loves to sing!

4.  And she loves to compose her own songs…

Her Christmas song

5.  She still loves to dance

I always scoff at other parents saying that they feel their kids are growing up too fast.  I never felt that with Iya.  I was used to hearing the same clear voice as early as two years old that I thought time stood still.  That was… until I saw her old videos.  I immediately thought Lumalaki din pala sya!  I should take pictures and videos more often though.. sometimes I get so distracted by other things that I neglect to pay attention to what’s happening at that particular moment.  I remember when she was still doing her firsts I would be all stage-motherish and write the exact date when that milestone happened.  Now, not so much.  I’m relaxed in a way that I already have expectations including trying to do things on her own without my help.  That proves to be counterproductive because I tend to be less involved with her every day activities.  Also, this made me forget the purpose of this blog which is to document the little things in our lives.  I have to admit that I get complacent knowing that she’ll always be my baby and I have a lot of time.  
I guess the reason why others say “kids grow up fast” is that there is always a period in our lives that we will be made to believe something is more important than the time spent with our kids.  For me that’s work, me-time, and my interaction with other people which is perfectly normal to have that balanced life.  But I think what’s important is how fast I gravitate back to my time with Iya and make it count.  Meaning I should not be thinking of other things when I get that chance because with work, school, sleeping, and eating, there is hardly enough time for fun.  So here’s to remembering, writing, taking more videos and pictures!  It’s so entertaining to reminisce.
Check up picture after her confinement this year

Summer 2014 where we took pictures of sunflowers, ate a lot, and got to wear shades more often.


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