First Visit From the Tooth Fairy

The toothless grin phase started.  I can’t wait for her two front upper teeth to fall off! I know she’s still going to be adorable.  Her lower front tooth started wiggling two weeks before when we were eating in Mom and Tina’s.  She started crying because I told her it’s going to fall off soon.  I was wiping her tears and consoling her not right away and it will not hurt.  I think the other people in the restaurant were wondering if we’re scolding her — oops!

So she kept her tooth, put it in a small clear plastic, and put it under her pillow.  I promised the tooth fairy will come and exchange her teeth with money.  She woke up groggily and got 20 pesos! She was so proud and bought a little baby bunny with my help and her left over toys r us GC.  My cousin Denise said the tooth fairy was a cheapskate… Hmmm… Maybe just a little 🙂

P.S.  The tooth fairy kept it in a box, but when she was cleaning up her closet she accidentally threw it away.. Sniff!  There will be other teeth though..


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